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Selling a private real estate company

The desire to lighten the administrative workload, conversion to liquid assets, getting out of joint ownership, facilitating the transfer to future generations, or even maximizing one’s individual returns are the most frequent reasons why sellers sell their private real estate company to BLACKREIT.

We also often see entrepreneurs who are retiring and want to withdraw from the private real estate company linked to their professional activity.

The option of individually selling each property in the company in order to then liquidate it is a long, cumbersome and financially draining process.

Selling the shares/stakes in the company offers shareholders many advantages:

Discover the key steps in the transfer

1. Meeting

After having met the shareholders, BLACKREIT will let you know if there is any interest in purchasing your private real estate company, as soon as possible.

2. Indication of interest to enter into negotiations

After visiting the properties and receiving additional recent information, BLACKREIT will send you a document informing you of the conditions under which our company is interested in acquiring your private real estate company.

3. Letter of Intent (LOI)

In order to formalize the negotiations, set the price and terms and determine the timeframe, BLACKREIT will submit a draft letter of intent to you before signing it.

4. Due Diligence

Once the LOI is signed, the due diligence begins on our side and your contact at BLACKREIT will help you to gather the necessary documents, fully mobilizing our multidisciplinary team to ensure that the due diligence is carried out quickly, efficiently and confidentially. A draft transfer agreement will be sent to you as the transaction approaches completion.

5. Signature of the transfer agreement and closing

For the sake of convenience, BLACKREIT always makes the payment on the closing day (signature of the transfer agreement). The payment is made to the account that the shareholders provide to us and together we will take care of the standard modifications (register of shareholders, legal publications, etc.).
Due diligence is the set of checks that a prospective buyer makes before any transaction, in order to get a clear idea of a company’s situation.
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BLACKREIT is an investment company specializing in the acquisition of private real estate companies largely made up of residential properties throughout Belgium. 

BLACKREIT only plays its role as an investor (neither as intermediary nor adviser), which allows us to act without conflict of interest.

Due to their specific size and structure, the targeted acquisitions aren’t of much interest to individual buyers and are too small for larger investment funds and Belgian REITs.


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