We buy your private real estate company

In business for more than 10 years, our family-owned investment company has specialized in the acquisition of private real estate companies largely made up of residential properties throughout Belgium.

Private real estate companies

In recent decades, many Belgians have ended up placing assets accumulated through personal success or family inheritance into a private real estate company.

This trend towards purchasing real estate through a company has grown increasingly widespread and has been encouraged by many financial advisers for various reasons.

As time goes by, however, new regulations, changes in taxation and constant technical compliance work often start to weigh upon the anticipated returns.

When it comes time to think about what to do with the assets and/or inheritance, these companies, which require active management, may represent a burden for their shareholders and the option of selling comes into the picture.

Selling a private real estate company

The desire to lighten the administrative workload, conversion to liquid assets, getting out of joint ownership, facilitating the transfer to future generations, or even maximizing one’s individual returns are the most frequent reasons why sellers sell their private real estate company to BLACKREIT.

We also often see entrepreneurs who are retiring and want to withdraw from the private real estate company linked to their professional activity.

The option of individually selling each property in the company in order to then liquidate it is a long, cumbersome and financially draining process.

Selling the shares/stakes in the company offers shareholders many advantages:

  • A single purchaser and a single transaction for the entire real estate portfolio
  • Absolute time saver
  • A simple, cost-free procedure
  • The proceeds of the sale are fiscally neutral; the amount collected is non-taxable


Childhood friends and entrepreneurs, Juan BASTIN and Sébastien RAEDEMAECKER got their start in the real estate sector in 2007, where they have stayed ever since.

In 2010 they acquired their first private real estate company and they discovered this niche market that requires both real estate and financial skills.

For many years, the pair has surrounded themselves with a multidisciplinary team in order to optimally manage the many aspects of the business, from both an operational and an acquisitions point of view.

The real estate portfolio of BLACKREIT is the result of dozens of acquisitions throughout the country.

From left to right: Nathalie STEVENS (Property management), Jeremie RAEDEMAECKER (Acquisition), Jawad TAYBI (Property management), Sébastien RAEDEMAECKER, Michel DUMAY (Acquisition), Juan BASTIN, Stéphane FALLIER (Property management), Gaëtan VANDEWALLE (Acquisition), Michel MICHIELS (Property management), Simon BOUCAU (Property management)

BLACKREIT, a leading player

Experience & specialization
  • Active for more than 10 years in this niche market, our expertise and our strong financial position allow us to handle all the specific challenges of this type of transaction.
Privacy & flexibility
  • Thanks to the internal acquisition process, we are able to guarantee absolute discretion, from initial contact to closing.
Versatility & speed
  • Our multidisciplinary team provides efficient due diligence, taking your wishes and your timing into account in order to optimize the transfer for both parties.
Independence & transparency
  • Unlike some other players, we are strictly investors (neither intermediaries nor advisors), which allows us to act without conflict of interest.

BLACKREIT is firmly convinced that a successful transaction is a transaction that satisfies both the transferor and the transferee.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. We would be happy to contact you, analyze your situation and let you know whether or not we are interested in acquiring the shares in your real estate investment company. We will also take the time to explain the different steps leading up to the actual sale.

YES. Generally, in this type of case, BLACKREIT would buy 100% of the shares in your company and would take care of the arbitrage.
We would probably sell the retail space and the condominium, and hold on to and manage the residential buildings for the long term.

YES. BLACKREIT has particular expertise in maintenance, renovation and bringing properties up to standard. With an in-house technical team, in this case we would carry out the necessary work to upgrade the properties of the newly acquired company.

In the majority of cases, BLACKREIT will buy 100% of the shares in companies from our own equity. You can rest assured that the closing will happen and the payment will be made on schedule.

Like for any business, the leverage, arbitrage and economies of scale that we are able to achieve by pooling all of the acquired companies allows us to reduce the costs for rental and technical management of the buildings , thus significantly increasing overall returns for the acquired company and therefore, the portfolio as a whole.