Frequently Asked Questions

YES. We would be happy to contact you, analyze your situation and let you know whether or not we are interested in acquiring the shares in your real estate investment company. We will also take the time to explain the different steps leading up to the actual sale.
YES. Generally, in this type of case, BLACKREIT would buy 100% of the shares in your company and would take care of the arbitrage. We would probably sell the retail space and the condominium, and hold on to and manage the residential buildings for the long term.
YES. BLACKREIT has particular expertise in maintenance, renovation and bringing properties up to standard. With an in-house technical team, in this case we would carry out the necessary work to upgrade the properties of the newly acquired company.
In the majority of cases, BLACKREIT will buy 100% of the shares in companies from our own equity. You can rest assured that the closing will happen and the payment will be made on schedule.
Like for any business, the leverage, arbitrage and economies of scale that we are able to achieve by pooling all of the acquired companies allows us to reduce the costs for rental and technical management of the buildings , thus significantly increasing overall returns for the acquired company and therefore, the portfolio as a whole.
YES. It’s important to know the intentions of the buyer ahead of the sale in order to protect yourself from this type of situation. BLACKREIT automatically incorporates a clause prohibiting the type of operation described, thus protecting the seller.
Before expressing interest in the acquisition, BLACKREIT would calculate the additional costs associated with this high interest rate. We would therefore purchase the company with full knowledge of the bank commitments and conditions.
BLACKREIT will ensure that, by closing at the latest, the transferor will receive written confirmation from the financial institution of disassociation from all outstanding loans. If the loan needs to be repaid, the cost for the funding loss will be calculated and incorporated into the offer price for purchasing the shares.